A HB pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.

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A Digital Agency

We have the skills and knowledge to help you leverage your digital footprint.

Being a digital agency, means we are not rigid and unchanging. We are like a pencil, where we keep our eraser in our hands as any call can change everything.

Forward Thinking

By keeping a finger on the pulse of web trends and advances, we are able to advise our clients where they should be heading in terms of a digital strategy. We also can help you bring your website up to the date with the latest in design trends going forward.

We are not quite bleeding edge, we are close though.

Problem Solvers

Having a problem with your website? Is a plugin given you the “almighty white screen of death”? Or have you just not got the time to figure it out yourself.

We thrive on problems, and solving them is no problem for us.

The team at GraphitEdge adds value to your business by being sharp and on point.

Customer Support

We have affordable web mastery care plans, to provide you with a worry-free experience with your website. Giving you back time as the updates and security checks are done regularly to keep your site humming along. Signing up on one of our web mastery care plans provides you with 24 / 7 access to our support portal.

Call in the Professionals to maintain your business presence online. We are your secret pencil in your back pocket.

Our Story

GraphitEdge started out as a business that helps small business start or restart the digital projects – you know that stuff, websites, e-commerce, mobile applications- whether it be just a strategy, an ideas session or coaching;  small business is empowered to get the most out of a digital strategy and business.

After a while our Principal, Helen Burgess, started noticing that there are heaps of websites out there that are poorly maintained. Especially from a security point of view. So, we started providing  good old fashion webmaster skills for clients, and small businesses  who need to have their website looked after and maintained, as they do not have the knowledge or time to do it themselves.

Helen believes that small business needs to be educated and helps business owners to understand how to navigate through the “murky waters” of the Internet and digital communications. Helen is a well-respected member of the web industry in Perth and was the chairperson for the Australian Web Awards and was responsible, with her team of volunteers, in taking the Awards (that started in Perth, Western Australia) National.

GraphitEdge prides itself on its independence from any web studio or agency and works for you – our client – to ensure you have the product/service you are expecting, whilst managing how that can happen. Whether this is a build or maintenance it is of no matter to us.

  • Web Mastery
  • Digital Coaching
  • Development: Websites and beyond
  • Customer Happiness

If this seems too much work for you, contact us.

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