Website Performance

More thaust tweaking Images

The first step is to get a diagnosis of why your website is not performing how you envision it to. This is a paid service and covers at the minimum the following:

This is a personalised service for each client depending on where the diagnosis leads us. Contact us today to get your personalised Diagnosis and Perscription Plan

Example of Performance Diagnosis

The perscription to fix these problems is as follows:

  • Change / rebuild the website to be more SEO Friendly, fixing critical errors and low word counts
  • Add in better Meta Descriptions and keywords
  • Optimise all images and utilise a Central Distribution Network to get the images closer to the visitor
  • Minimise all CSS and JavaScript to help with website speed index
  • Select better 3rd party addons to enhance not slow down the website

This is just a small taste of what a perscription will entail. Below is the  same information as above, after the upgrade.

Wanting your website to go from D to A

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