Conversations With Your Web Developer, Designer, Agency: Part 2

What your web developer, designer, or agency needs from you So you are ready to start a your conversation with your web technologist. Great! There are somethings that you can prepare before hand to help them give you the best advice, design and help. # more Firstly, provide information about what your business actually does. This helps the web technologist get a thorough understanding about what you do, who you are, how long you have been in business, your point of difference from your competitors.

Conversations With Your Web Developer, Designer, Agency: Part 1

Have you gone through a website build only to not have your requirements not met? Have you been looking for someone to build your website, yet find that there is often too high a price to pay? Have you had a web designer, developer or agency string you along and not delivered? Have you gone into a website build only to discover what was not delivered was not what you required?

Life was simple once ...

The pervasiveness of the technological age. A telephone was a device for conversation between two people. People wrote letters when they had finished writing they put them in the mailbox. A car may have a radio in it; most cars did have one at all. Now we have all this “stuff” that is connected. Connected in multiple ways as well. We have a phone that can bring the world to our fingertips.