GraphitEdge is Helen Burgess and Helen Burgess is GraphitEdge.


The Story behind the logo and name

Helen’s nickname for the longest time as HB as in HB pencil. This spurred the idea to call her business Graphite Edge. Well, why Graphite Edge? Most of the best names for having a sharp pencil were already taken and by talking with some of her industry besties, Helen decided to take a twist on the name. Until modern formulations changed the lead in a pencil it had always been graphite or a similar substance. Edge because the edge of paper and the saying “having the edge” provided the second part of the name. So Graphite Edge was born. “Hang on”, you say, “how come you lost an E?” Well that is simple to explain I just don’t like typing in two e’s and I thought it made the business name unique. So that is what it looks like GraphitEdge.

Helen’s Story

Although, Helen has her own private site, all her consultations and contract work goes through GraphitEdge. Helen has been doing the computer thing for a while now. As a client you get full access to Helen’s knowledge and skills, that has been built up over a period of years. Also you can rely on Helen when she states that she will get something done.