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The story behind the name

Helen’s nickname for the longest time was HB as in HB pencil. This spurred the idea to call her business Graphite Edge.

Well, why Graphite Edge? Most of the best names for having a sharp pencil were already taken,  talking with some of her industry besties, Helen decided to take a twist on the name.

Until modern formulations changed the lead in a pencil it had always been graphite or a similar substance. Edge because the edge of paper plus the saying “having an edge” provided the second part of the name.

So Graphite Edge was born. “Hang on”, you say, “how come you lost an E?” Well, that is simple to explain Helen was adverse to typing in two e’s and thought it made the business name unique. So that is what it looks like GraphitEdge.

Although, Helen has her own private site, all consultations and contract work goes through GraphitEdge.

Helen has been doing the computer thing for a while now, over 30 years. As a client you get full access to Helen’s knowledge and skills, that has been built up over the years.

Also you can rely on Helen when she states that she will get something done, it will be done. Helen’s previous employment in the Military has ingrained this reliability aspect.

Websites can be liken to small needy animals.

They start off not needing much attention; before you know it you have to update the code and spend time not on your business.

There are many moving parts to getting your website to load quickly and rank well in search engines. 

Locking down bottlenecks such as large images or front-end code like JavaScript is what makes all the difference

Once you have decided to get a website or revamp an existing one, we work with you and/or your design team to implement the website on the best technology for your business goals.

With the advent of COVID-19, Internet security has never been more important. 

Not only does your website need to be secure, your business digital footprint also needs to be secure.

Learn how to build websites with one-on-one coaching from our founder Helen. 

With over 19 years of being in the Web Industry, Helen has amassed knowledge which she is more than happy to  teach.

We build and maintain websites that are functional, pretty and performant. We just don’t work with WordPress, we work with the best technology to support your business goals.

Fearless Leader

It does not matter whether it has been in Military or Civilian life our founder tackles all challenges without fear or favour.

As expertise is needed Helen gets others to work with her

Our Work

Not every website is equal. Just having one does not guarantee it will produce the outcomes you would like. 

Take a look at the businesses we have helped by diagnosing what is not supporting their business and the perscription plan to make it better meet their business goals.

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